LAPCARE 18.5v 3.5A 65W SMART Pin Laptop Adapter Charger for HP Compaq Pavillion EliteBook OmniBook ProBook Series

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LAPCARE brings you one the finest and largest range of laptop adapters. Compatible with different brands and models, these adapters come with a warranty of 12 months. Apart from this it also comes with a unique LAPCARE protection plan which insures your connected equipment to the adapter.

Technical Specification


Power Output

18.5V 3.5A

Power Capacity

65 Watt

Connector Tip Size 7.4mm x 5.0mm x 0.6mm (With Pin)

Power Cable Included

Compatible Part Numbers 384019-001 384019-002 384019-003 391172-001 412786-001 418872-001 419107-001 457685-001 463552-001 463552-002 463552-003 463552-004 463958-001 519329-001 574063-001 577170-001 ED494AA PPP009L ED494AA#ABA PA-1650-02HC
Compatible Models Compaq Armada Series 110 E300 E500 E500s E700 M300 M500 M700 V300
Compaq Evo Series N110 N150 N200 N400c N410c N600c N610c N620c N800 N800c N800v N800w N1020v N1050v
Compaq Presario 2200 Series 2201AS 2201XX 2202AL 2202AS 2202XX 2203AL 2204AL 2205AL 2205AS 2206AL 2206AS 2207AL 2207AS 2208AS 2212AP 2213AP 2214AP 2215AP 2216AP 2217AP 2218AP 2219AP 2220AP 2221AP 2222AP 2223AP 2224AP 2225AP 2226AP 2227AP 2228AP 2229AP 2230AP 2231AP 2232AP 2233AP 2235AP 2236AP 2237AP 2239AP 2240AP 2241AP 2242AP 2244AP 2245AP 2246AP 2247AP 2248AP 2249AP 2250AP 2251AP 2252AP 2253AP 2254AP 2255AP 2256AP 2258AP 2262AP 2264AP 2265AP 2266AP 2267AP 2268AP 2269AS 2270AP 2270AS 2271AS 2272AS 2273AS
Compaq Presario 2800 Series 2800 2800CA 2800T 2800US 2801 2801CL 2805 2805US 2806 2806CL 2810 2810CA 2810EA 2811 2811CA 2811CL 2811EA 2815 2815EA 2816 2816EA 2878 2878CL 2879 2879CL 2880 2880CL 2881 2881CL
Compaq Presario B1000,B2000,B3000 Series B1000 B1010 B1011 B1013 B1014 B1015 B1801TU B1802TU B1803TU B1804TU B1805TU B1806TU B1807TU B1808TU B1809TU B1810TU B1811TU B1812TU B1813TU B1814TU B1815TU B1816TU B1817TU B1818TU B1819TU B1820TU B2000 B2012AP B2015AP B2018AL B2019AP B2020AP B2022AL B2023AL B2026AL B2027AL B2028AL B2032AP B2033AL B2034AL B2036AP B2039AP B2040AL B2801TX B2802TX B2803TX B2804TX B2805TX B2806TX B2807TX B2808TX B2809TX B2810TX B2811TX B2812TX B2813TX B2814TX B2815TX B2816TX B2817TX B2818TX B2819TX B2820TX B2821TX B2822TX B2823TX B2824TX B3800 B3801AP B3802AP B3803AP B3804AP B3805AP B3806AP B3807AP B3808AP B3809AP B3810AP B3811AP B3812AP B3813AP B3814AP B3815AP B3816AP B3817AP B3819AP B3820AP B3821AP B3822AP B3823AP B3824AP B3825AP B3826AP B3827AP
Compaq Presario C300 Series C300 C300ea C300eu C301nr C301tu C302nr C302tu C303nr C303tu C304nr C304tu C305la C305tu C306tu C306us C307nr C307tu C308la C308tu C309tu C310ea C310eu C310tu C311tu C312tu C313tu C315la C318la C350ea C350eu C351ea C352ea C353ea C399xx
Compaq Presario C500 Series C500ea C501nr C503wm C504ea C504eu C504tu C506tu C518la C540ea C542ea C551nr C551tu C552hpa C552tu C553tu C554tu C555ea C555nr C555tu C556hpa C556tu C557tu C558tu C559tu C560tu C561tu C562tu C563tu C564tu C565tu C566tu C567tu C570ea
Compaq Presario C700 Series C700CTO C700EM C700ET C700LA C700TCTO C700XX C701EA C701EM C701LA C701TU C701XX C702LA C702TU C703LA C703TU C704TU C705LA C705TU C706NR C706TU C707LA C707TU C708LA C708TU C709LA C709TU C710BR C710ED C710EE C710EF C710EL C710EM C710EN C710TU C711EF C711EM C711TU C712NR C712TU C713NR C713TU C714NR C714TU C715BR C715NR C715TU C716TU C717NR C717TU C718TU C719TU C720BR C720ES C721TU C722TU C725BR C727US C730BR C730CTO C730EE C730EL C730ES C730ET C731EM C731TU C732EF C732EM C732ES C732TU C733TU C734TU C735BR C735ED C735EE C735EF C735EL C735EM C735ET C735TU C736TU C737BR C737EL C737TU C738TU C739TU C740ED C740EE C740EG C740EL C740EM C740ES C740ET C740TU C741TU C742EA C742EM C742ES C742TU C743TU C744TU C745EE C745EF C745EG C745EL C745ES C745TU C746TU C747TU C748TU C749TU C750BR C750ED C750EF C750EL C750EM C750ES C750LA C750TU C751LA C751NR C751TU C752LA C752TU C753TU C754CA C754TU C755BR C755EF C755EL C755ES C755TU C756CA C756ES C757CA C757EA C757EL C757EM C757LA C758CA C758LA C759LA C760ED C760EL C760EM C760ES C760ET C760LA C761ES C761TU C762NR C762TU C763TU C764NR C764TU C765BR C765EL C765EM C765ET C765TU C766TU C767TU C768CA C768TU C769CA C769TU C769US C770BR C770ED C770EE C770EF C770EG C770EL C770EM C770ES C770ET C770TU C771TU C772EG C772EM C772TU C773EM C773TU C774TU C775EL C775EM C775TU C776TU C777TU C778TU C779TU C780EE C780EF C780EL C780ES C780TU C781TU C782TU C785EM
Compaq Presario F700 Series F700EF F700EM F706LA F710EE F710EF F710EL F712NR F715EF F715EM F715EO F722CA F725EL F729EM F730EE F730EF F730EO F730ES F730US F731AU F732AU F732NR F733AU F734AU F735AU F735EL F735ES F736AU F737AU F738AU F739AU F739WM F740EF F740ES F740ET F750CA F750EL F750US F752LA F754CA F754LA F755LA F755US F756CA F756LA F756NR F759WM F760EE F760EF F760EL F760EM F761AU F761US F762AU F762NR F763AU F763NR F764CA F765CA F765EM F767CL F767NR F768WM F769CA F769CL F770EL F775EL F780EL F780ET
Compaq Presario F500 Series F500 F500ea F501au F502au F502ea F502eu F502la F503au F504au F505au F505la F506la F545ea F545eu F553us F555us F557us HP Compaq Business Notebooks NC4000 NC4010 NC4200 NC6000 NC6100 NC6105 NC6110 NC6115 NC6120 NC6200 NC6200CTO NC6220 NC6230 NC7200 NC8000 NW8000 NX4800 NX5000 NX5040 NX5100 NX6100 NX6105 NX6110 NX6120 Nx6130 NX6125 NX6315 NX6325 NX7000 NX7010 NX7040 NX7100 NX7200 NX7400 NX9000 NX9000us NX9005 NX9005us NX9008 NX9010 NX9010us NX9020 NX9030 NX9040 NX9050
Compaq Presario M2000 Series M2000 M2000z M2001 M2001ap M2001ea M2002al M2002ap M2003ap M2004ap M2005 M2005ap M2005US M2005z M2006ap M2007 M2007ap M2007US M2008ap M2009ap M2010 M2010ap M2010CA M2010ea M2010US M2011ap M2011ea M2012ap M2013ap M2014ap M2015 M2015ap M2015CL M2015la M2016ap M2017ap M2018ap M2019ap M2019ea M2020ap M2020ea M2021ap M2022ap M2023ap M2024ap M2025ap M2026ap M2027ap M2029ap M2030ea M2031ap M2031ea M2033ap M2034ea M2043ap M2045ap M2046ea M2050ea M2052ea M2054ea M2055ea M2065ea M2070 M2070ea M2070US M2071ea M2075ea M2099 M2100 M2101 M2101US M2105 M2105CA M2105ea M2105US M2108 M2108ea M2108US M2113ea M2125ea M2130ea M2131ea M2140ea M2155ea M2175ea M2200 M2201ap M2201ea M2202ap M2203ap M2205ea M2207ap M2207ea M2208ea M2211ap M2212ap M2213ap M2215ap M2215la M2216ap M2217ap M2218ap M2219ap M2220ap M2221ap M2222ap M2223ap M2224ap M2225ap M2228ap M2229ap M2230ap M2232ap M2233ap M2235ap M2241ap M2243ap M2245ap M2245ea M2246ea M2247ap M2248ea M2255ea M2316ea M2357ea M2400 M2401 M2401XT M2500Z
Compaq Presario V1000 Series V1004xx V1009ad V1038ap V1039ap V1040ap V1041ap V1042ap V1043ap V1044ap V1045ap V1046ap V1048ap V1049ap V1050ap V1051ap V1052ap V1053ap V1054ap V1055ap V1056ap V1057ap V1058ap V1059ap V1060ap V1061ap V1062ap V1065ap V1067ap V1068ap V1069ap V1070ap V1071ap V1072ap V1073ap V1074ap V1075ap
Compaq Presario V2000 Series V2000 V2000Cto V2000t V2000tCto V2000z V2000zCto V2001 V2001AP V2002 V2002ap V2003 V2003ap V2004 V2004ap V2005 V2005ap V2006 V2006ap V2007 V2007ap V2008 V2008ap V2009 V2009ap V2009la V2009xx V2010 V2010ap V2010LA V2010US V2011ap V2012ap V2013ap V2014ap V2015ap V2016 V2016ap V2017 V2017ap V2018 V2018ap V2019 V2019ap V2020 V2020ap V2021 V2021ap V2022 V2022ap V2023 V2023ap V2024 V2024ap V2025 V2025ap V2026 V2026ap V2027 V2027ap V2028 V2028ap V2029 V2029AP V2030 V2030AP V2030US V2031 V2031ap V2032 V2032ap V2033 V2033ap V2034 V2034ap V2035 V2035ap V2036 V2036ap V2037 V2037ap V2038 V2038ap V2039 V2039ap V2040 V2040ap V2040ea V2040US V2041 V2041ap V2042ap V2043ap V2044ap V2045ap V2046ap V2047AP V2069
Compaq Presario V2100 Series V2100 V2100(Cto) V2100Cto V2101ap V2102ap V2103ap V2104ap V2105ap V2106ap V2107ap V2108ap V2109ap V2110 V2110ap V2110CA V2110US V2111ap V2112ap V2113ap V2114ap V2115ap V2116ap V2117ap V2118ap V2119ap V2120ap V2120ea V2121ap V2122ap V2123ap V2124ap V2125ap V2126ap V2127ap V2128ap V2129ap V2130 V2130ap V2131ap V2132ap V2133ap V2134ap V2135 V2135ap V2135US V2136ap V2137ap V2138ap V2139ap V2140 V2140ap V2140CA V2140US V2141ap V2142ap V2143ap V2144ap V2145ap V2146 V2146ap V2146CL V2147ap V2148ap V2149ap V2150 V2150ap V2150US V2151ap V2152ap V2153ap V2154ap V2155ap V2156ap V2157ap V2158ap V2159ap V2160ap V2161ap V2162ap V2163ap V2164ap V2165ap
Compaq Presario V2200 Series V2200 V2200Cto V2205 V2205US V2208 V2208CL V2210 V2210CA V2210US V2220 V2220US V2250ea
Compaq Presario V2300 Series V2300 V2300Cto V2301ap V2302ap V2303ap V2304 V2304ap V2304US V2305 V2305ap V2305CA V2305US V2306 V2306ap V2306US V2307ap V2308ap V2309 V2309ap V2309US V2310 V2310ap V2310CA V2310US V2311 V2311ap V2311US V2312 V2312ap V2312US V2313ap V2314ap V2315ap V2316ap V2317ap V2318ap V2319ap V2320 V2320ap V2321 V2321ap V2321US V2322ap V2323ap V2324tu V2325ap V2326ap V2327ap V2328ap V2329ap V2330 V2330ap V2331ap V2331us V2332ap V2333ap V2334ap V2335 V2335ap V2335US V2336ap V2337ap V2338ap V2339ap V2340ap V2341ap V2342ap V2343ap V2344ap V2345ap V2346ap V2347ap V2348ap V2349ap V2350ap V2351ap V2352ap V2353ap V2354ap V2355tu V2356ap V2357ap V2358ap V2359ap V2360ap V2361ap V2362tu V2363ap V2364ap V2365ap V2366ap V2367ap V2368tu V2369ap V2370ap V2371ap V2372ap V2373ap V2374ap V2375tu V2376tu V2377tu V2378tu V2379ap V2380tu V2381tu V2382tu V2383tu V2384tu V2385tu V2386tu V2387tu V2388tu V2389tu V2390tu V2391tu V2392tu V2393tu V2394tu V2395tu V2396tu V2397tu V2398tu V2398xx V2399tu V2399xx
Compaq Presario V2400 Series V2400 V2400CTO V2400au V2400tu V2401 V2401au V2401CL V2401tu V2401xx V2402 V2402au V2402tu V2402US V2403 V2403au V2403NR V2403tu V2403us V2404 V2404au V2404tu
Pavilion : ze 5000 Series, z 13000 Series, dv 1300-1399, dv 1600-1699, ze 2000-2099, dv 4000, dv 4200-dv 4299, ze 2200, dv 5000, tx 1000, dv 2000 2. 2500, x1000 Series, V2000, V2300-2399, V2600-2699, B3800, M2000-2099, M2400-M2499, V4000, V4200-V4299ž M2200, V2000,B2800, V3000, V6000, B1900, C300, F500, C500, V3000, B1800, nx4300 HP G5000 1500 2200 2800 900 2000 Evo 100 V2600 V2200 Evo N1000 Evo N200 Evo N400 Evo N800 DV2000 V2500 V4000 DV1000 DV4000 DV5000 DV6000 DV8000 ZE2000 ZE4900 ZT3000
Warranty & Support

12 Months + 1 Month warranty when you register the product on LAPCARE website.

Unique LAPCARE Protection Plan to insure connected equipment.

Package Contains 1 Laptop Adapter, Information Brochure

If your product is not listed in the compatibility list, let us know. Our expert's team will help you find the right part for your laptop.

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