Corseca Vogue DMB4210 10000mAh Power Bank

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  • Full 10000 mAh capacity with high efficiency output.
  • Grade A Lithium polymer cell.
  • LED Display for available power.
  • Two charging slots for charging 2 devices simultaneously.
  • Portable and compact with smooth edges.
  • Designed to prevent over-charging and over-discharging.


Chocolate Bar form with tapering rounded sides; designed to make a style statement while enabling a smooth and firm grip even when held together with your smart-phone.


Intelligent control circuit with multiple protection for over-voltage, over-power, temperature and short-circuit. While charging, the Power Bank's indicators will flicker. Once it is fully charged, the indicators will stop. This indicates that your Power Bank is fully charged. The Power Bank has an automatic shutoff feature that will prevent the unit from overcharging. You can now disconnect the Power Bank from power source.


Guaranteed Safety with BIS certification. The Power Bank is pre-charged for your convenience and can be used immediately. We recommend you charge it fully before first use.


Two charging slots for charging two devices simultaneously. Grade A Lithium polymer cell. LED Display for available power. Portable and compact with smooth edges. Full protection guaranteed.Note: Recharging the Power Bank or charging devices at temperatures below 32° will lengthen charge/recharge time. Operating temperature range is between 89.6°- 210°. Charging at temperatures higher than 210° will degrade battery performance and reduce the life of the battery. Please charge fully before use.


Bold LED display to keep you aware of the charge left in your power bank. The Power Bank contains 10000mah Lithium-Polymer cell. Please note that the charging time is approximately 5-6 hours from a wall socket and may take up to 9-10 hours from a computer or other electronic device. The Power Bank can be charged by plugging the USB cable to an electrical adapter that accepts a USB cable and plugs directly to a wall socket. It can also be charged by connecting the Micro-USB end of the cable to the Micro-USB port on the Power Bank and the standard USB end of cable to a powered ON computer's USB port or any other USB source.





Product Type Power Bank
Color Black, Grey
Input Micro USB 5V / 2A
Output 1 USB 5V / 2A
Output 2 USB 5V / 2A
Number of slots for charging 2 slots
Battery capacity 10000 mAh
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty

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